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We will do Blessings, cleansings, and exorcisms.

Prayer for Cleansing

Jesus loves you



Welcome, and thank you for visiting Over-Comers Ministries. We hope that our website highlights the wide variety of  services. Please feel free to read more about our Ministry on this site. We would love to hear from you And pray that we can help. Please read on to see our services and find out what best suites you. God Bless.

Our Mission


The Over-Comers Ministries of Exorcists is a Non-Denominational Christian ministry That goes by the word of God and no other doctrine, and operates to assist 
all Christians regardless of denominationa. In an age of increasing evil the ancient spiritual practice of exorcism is in High demand.


We will help cleans and cast out unwanted spirit and demons from a person and or place. 

two edge sword word of God


Prayer of healing:

Cleansing of home or business and or person.

Blessing a Home or business and or person.


Excorsim of a place and or person.


Some cases need more then one to all of the services. Please contact us so we can review the case.


We invite you to join our team. Contact us for more information. We also work with other paranormal services when needed.

All donations are tax deductable and go to sending the ministers to help those in need.


The amount is up to you, and we here at the Over-Comers Ministries thank you for your help and pray that God Blesses you.

Over-Comares Ministries

Live in the world not for it, for we can only have one master


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